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Lost Items found & waiting for their Owner
(call for verification)

Mitchell's Marina (Smith Mountain Lake, VA) - (Ring)     9/16/2019

Rebec Vineyard's (Amherst, VA) - (Ring)    6/23/2018

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Freedom Ringz

Personalized Approach

With over 30 years of diving experience as both a Civilian Rescue Diver, and Retired Marine Reconnaissance Combatant & Naval Salvage Diver, we offer a reward based service on Land or Underwater.


Starting with scheduling and verification procedures for your lost item, you can rest assured, we will do all we can within the boundaries of safety to find what you lost.  Whether it is a sentimental jewelry item passed down from generations, or a cell phone with family photos on a SIM Card.  Not every item can be found in a day, and in truth, some not at all. 

-Knowing the location

-A GPS Coordinate

-Pictures taken the day of loss

-If you are available to help point out the relative location


All are helpful tools in finding what is valuable to you. 

Excellence and Professionalism 

We also conduct other searches and underwater needs such as minor salvage operations or identifying problems, perhaps under your boat.

As a Member/Affiliate, you can rest assured of our verification for honesty in returning what is lost to you if you are unable to attend the search or stay for the length of it.  We also post findings of others who have lost their rings, etc., in the case they were unaware of our services.  Traveling across the nation is not an issue, it just takes proper scheduling.


***(Larger jobs may require special coordination for NDL (No Decompression Limits), equipment, and manpower)***

Call: (540) 429-4716 - Sporting Club
                (352) 454-0143 - Boarding Kennels

Open year round / 7 days a week (unless specified)

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